Cigars with own brand

Your uniqueness and exceptionality will be the creator of your own personal cigar. You will decide how the cigar will appear and taste. You will pick the name, and how it will be packaged. It will be a cigar to much your personality. A cigar to enjoy quietly by yourself or with your friends in the comfort of your home, or a special occasion! A cigar which might even be a special gift to your family, friends or business partners.

In cooperation with professional designers, we offer a wide range of looks, colors, names, types of rings, boxes, etc. It will be a cigar of your imagination, taste and desire.
Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may require.

We offer these services

  • Choose the tobacco to your taste (tobacco blend)
  • Choose the appearance of the cigar (shape and color of the wrapper)
  • Create a cigar package (box, tube, bag, box, etc.)
  • Stamp the cigar with your seal (name, logo and ring)

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